Back Up and Running


It’s been quite a month, between my computer’s being out of service, along with a week and a half of mysterious back pain that more or less had kept me from being able to sit down.

Things are better now. My computer was returned to me last week after some time away for repairs, and it worked right out of the box! Almost. All I had to do was open up the case and tighten the connection between the power supply and the motherboard. And then go to the BIOS and tell it which drive to look at first when booting up, since they had been connected in the wrong order. And I still haven’t found a way to address this newly-developed problem: the computer now doesn’t wake up from sleep when I press the power button.


But, hey! It turns on! I can move the mouse and type and stuff happens on the screen! And I physically am able to sit down and do these things! This is progress, by any definition.

All of which means that the next Bleating Sheep Theater game is officially back in development. Well, not technically, in that I haven’t actually done anything with it yet. But attitude is everything, right?

You can expect regular blog posts to resume, as well.

So, see you real soon with more uninformed blathering on cinematic interactive narrative than you can or ever would want to shake a stick at.