Drinking With God At CTFF

Well, this is exciting.

Apparently, the interactive portion of the Connecticut Film Festival will be exhibiting Drinking With God this week. The game also appears to be in the running for one of several awards. Rather an honor.

Or at least I assume that it’s an honor; it’s not quite clear to me if Drinking With God was selected for exhibition, or if all games submitted are going to be exhibited. It’s also not entirely clear to me exactly what being exhibited is going to entail. The best information I’ve managed to find so far is in this blog post, but I’ve found it a bit hard to follow.

And also, one of the of awards that the game is up for appears to be in the category of “Most Buggy.”


Probably rather an honor, but possibly not.

Exciting, though. Definitely exciting.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to actually attend the Connecticut Film Festival for and learn for myself just what the game’s exhibition is going to consist of. So if anybody reading this is going to be there, and can send me back a description (or, better yet, photographs) of the circumstances, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!